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“The dream teachings of ECKANKAR define the nature of Soul. You are Soul, a particle of God sent into the worlds (including earth) to gain spiritual experiences. The goal is spiritual freedom in this lifetime, after which you become a Co-worker with God, both here and in the next world.”

—Harold Klemp, The Art of Spiritual Dreaming, Pg. xii

“Dreams touch every level of our life. They may let us glimpse the future, or give suggestions for healing, or share insights into our relationships. Above all, they can and will steer us more directly toward God.”

—Harold Klemp, The Art of Spiritual Dreaming, Pg. 2

“All live and move within the loving hands of Divine Spirit—all the time, every day, and in every place. And dream travel provides a ticket of understanding to the vast, divine creation that spans all worlds of time and space, both seen and unseen.”

—Harold Klemp, Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel, Pg. 96

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