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“Another name for this life current is the ECK, which is the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost spoken of in the Bible. But the definition of ECK goes beyond any descriptions of the Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit you have heard before. The ECK is the Word of God which is directly responsible for the creation of the worlds, including earth. God spoke, and the Word of God, the ECK, created all the worlds in all the universes of God.”

—Harold Klemp, We Come as Eagles, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 9, Pg. 126

“God always speaks through the Holy Spirit because it’s the Voice, the Word, of God. The Holy Spirit, the ECK, is the Word of God. The Voice of God sometimes speaks through guardian angels, dreams, intuition, and the Mahanta also, who in ECK we speak of as the Inner Master.”

—Harold Klemp, Our Spiritual Wake-up Calls, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 15, Pg. 180

“In ECK, the individual is instructed in the laws of spirit. How he uses this knowledge determines how soon he enters the joyful state of God Enlightenment, which can be attained while still in the human body.”

—Harold Klemp, The Living Word, Book 2, Chap. 5

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