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Spiritual Answer — Change

“This is a world of change. In fact, even this universe plus so many heavens that lie above this physical one are in a constant swirl of change. Change is the unchanging law for the worlds of change.”

—Harold Klemp, Wisdom of the Heart, Book 2, Wisdom Note 28

“Soul enjoys change. We in the human body tend to resist change because we are usually under the control and power of the mind.

But while we struggle in the human consciousness with the problems of change, in the highest sense we, as Soul, are delighted. Our emotions and our mind may be distraught and upset, but Soul is a happy entity.”

—Harold Klemp, The Golden Heart, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 4, Pg. 132

“Change is the law of truth here. It sweeps cobwebs from the eye of Soul, showing the right way to a more happy, fruitful life. And yet, despite all the spiritual riches of ECK, chelas forget about them. Odd, isn’t it, how human nature selects a small handful of events from the past and makes of them our memories, though it often leaves out the blessings of ECK? Human nature is a fickle child.

Everything in life is about change. Yet it is mostly your ability to change your consciousness to the needs of the moment that counts above all. Graceful change of that sort will keep you spiritually young for all time.”

—Harold Klemp, The Spiritual Laws of Life, Pg. 5

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