Spiritual Wisdom Wheel Balance

Spiritual Answer — Balance

“A person who has a high degree of spiritual unfoldment will be balanced in his everyday life. He will use common sense and common courtesy with those people around him.”

—Harold Klemp, Journey of Soul, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 1, Pg. 264

“When you are moving in balance in the mainstream of life, you get the best and the most for every bit of energy that you exert. It isn’t that everything works out according to your plans, but if you are working with the fullness of heart, with the Golden Heart, you find that even the most routine actions turn out right.”

—Harold Klemp, Cloak of Consciousness, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 5, Pp. 168-169

“The ECK Masters have two missions as they support the Living ECK Master. There is a personal mission that keeps them interested in the microcosm; and when they are working in the macrocosmic state of consciousness, there is the greater mission of helping with the teachings of ECK. So besides the service you give to ECK, it is important to have your own life, your own goals, to plan your own ambitions. You need both for balance.”

—Harold Klemp, The Secret Teachings, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 3, Pg. 50

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