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What if the key to all you ever wanted to know was right inside you? Would you like more insight or a deeper understanding of something in your life? Is LOVE your answer, or HUMOR, or SERVICE? Find out right now!

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Spin the free online Spiritual Wisdom Wheel below for an opportunity to gain a new perspective on personal issues or receive guidance on whatever you need spiritually. Think of something you would like insight or direction on (i.e. “What Spiritual Law/Principle should I focus on today?,” “What Spiritual Law/Principle should I learn from this experience?,” “What is my next best Spiritual Step?,” “What is my Spiritual Mission in this lifetime?,” “How can I best serve as a Co-worker with God today?,” etc.).
Open your heart and spiritualize your consciousness by singing HU (an ancient name for God pronounced like the word “hue”), outwardly or inwardly, with your eyes closed, for a few moments. Alternatively, you can also sing/chant any other word that also opens your heart and spiritualizes your consciousness. Ask your question to Divine Spirit.Spin the Spiritual Wisdom Wheel below to receive your “immediate” Spiritual Answer.Click on your Answer in the Spiritual Wheel Answers column and contemplate on the three inspirational quotes.