Spiritual Wisdom Wheel Joy

Spiritual Answer — Joy

“There should be joy and there should be laughter in a life of love. If someone claims to have love and can’t laugh, especially at himself or herself, it would tell me something about them.”

—Harold Klemp, How to Survive Spiritually In Our Times, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 16, Pg. 224

“Look for the love of God in your everyday life.

Find joy in the little things, places other people would never stoop to look, but you do because you know this is where God has hidden the secret of love. Love is not in high positions, or riches, or having the esteem of many people, or being a great public figure.

God has hidden the secret of love in the lowly places. And too many people are too vain to stoop down to look for it.”

—Harold Klemp, What Is Spiritual Freedom, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 11, Pg. 25

“But spiritually we are adventurers. We try things that other people would be afraid to do. We look for the Light and Sound when other people are afraid that such a thing might not even exist. And when It comes to us, It brings peace, serenity, harmony, and joyfulness beyond words.”

—Harold Klemp, How to Find God, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 2, Pg. 248