Forgiveness and Tolerance

Spiritual Wisdom Wheel Forgiveness

Spiritual Answer — Forgiveness and Tolerance

“How open, loving, and forgiving are we? The ECK Master Rebazar Tarz says, ‘Purity calls for the highest within man. You cannot slander nor can you see the evil in others’ (Stranger By the River, ‘Purity’). Ah, but we should also note what he adds: ‘Dwell upon the good within thy neighbor and thus you will exalt the good in him, and bring out the good in thyself.’ That is a spiritual exercise.

—Harold Klemp, The Living Word, Book 3, Pg. 6

“The second of the five virtues is a little bit hard to put into one word, so I’ll use two: forgiveness or tolerance. They are similar. If someone has wronged you, you try to straighten it out. And when it’s straightened out, you let it go. Tolerance means if someone doesn’t believe the way you do—in politics, religion, whatever—you let them have their own space. You let them have their own mind.”

—Harold Klemp, Our Spiritual Wake-up Calls, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 15, Pg. 70

“If you can learn to forgive yourself first—and to accept forgiveness—then maybe you can forgive others. And then you can find this healing, because the love of God comes through the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit.”

—Harold Klemp, The Secret of Love, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 14, Pg. 74